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Staking as easy as 1-2-3

Staking shouldn't be difficult. With Socean, it really isn't.

Stake SOL

Connect your wallet and stake your SOL with us.

Receive scnSOL

Get the scnSOL liquid staking token in return.

Participate in DeFi

Use your scnSOL in DeFi to earn more yields, or swap back to SOL any time you like.

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Do more with your scnSOL

Provide liquidity. Earn extra APR%.

Deposit scnSOL in automated market makers (AMMs) and earn extra yield.
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Borrow and lend with your scnSOL

Use scnSOL as collateral in lending protocols to borrow USDC and other assets.
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Protect your SOL from falling prices

Use covered call vaults to protect your SOL from price volatility.
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And so much more...

Use scnSOL in no-loss lotteries, leveraged staking, NFTs and more.
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Latest news

We've launched SoceanBot (nicknamed “Meatball”), a Telegram bot that gives Solana stakers critical information on their staked SOL.

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Socean has a new face! We walk you through the improvements.

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A large market sell on the Orca scnSOL-SOL liquidity pool caused the oracle price of scnSOL to fall below its fair market value for around four minutes. We explain what happened and what we're doing to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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We recap all of the things we’ve done in the past quarter and give you a sneak peek of our future plans.

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